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about 3 years ago

[Important] Get hyped for Hack3 2020 tomorrow!


Hey friends! 

Hack3 begins tomorrow on July 11! I could talk about how hard the organizing team has worked, or I could save you some time and give you the important details, so that's exactly what I want to do. 


Opening Ceremony [Mandatory] @ 12:00 PM (noon) EDT July 11

View it here:

  • Meet our team
  • Hack3 overview
  • Important rules, guides
  • Important to-dos
  • Keynote speaker Prat Moghe, CEO of Cazena & Former Senior Vice President of IBM Netezza

Please come! We will be giving so much important information that we felt compelled to make it mandatory! This is a YouTube livestream, so you will watch a live YouTube video and communicate to us via the chat (*hint* asking questions to our keynote speaker!). 


Exclusive Resources

Our partners teamed up with us to provide exclusive promotional codes and freebies. Sign up now and play around with the awesome technologies we are providing you! View them here:


Don't Forget To Register at

Remember to register on our official website if you have not done so! In order to qualify for prizes and participate in workshops, you need to have completed this. We cannot stress this enough. 


Review Our Rubric

Bookmark our rubric


  • We want you to create something that is great on a technical level. We're providing nearly a dozen workshops to teach cool things like chatbots, cloud, AR/VR, AI, etc. Incorporate some of these technologies and come to our workshops!  
  • Your project does not need to be fully functional. As long as it shows clear potential i.e. has some parts working, you can get a full score on that requirement. 
  • We want you to use your creativity to come up with an idea that people would like to use and that people would have access to use. 
  • We are grading your project presentation too. If our judges do not understand anything due to a poor presentation, you will not earn many points in this category. 

Submission procedures will be outlined in our opening ceremony, so come!


More To-Dos:

  1. Join our Slack and turn on notifications.
  2. Review our schedule and bookmark it. 
  3. Create a Github account. You will need to submit your repository so we can test your code and check it for plagarism. Don't get stuck at 12:59 PM on Sunday scrambling to create an account! If you do not know what any of this means, that is fine! Come to our "How to collaborate on code projects with GitHub" class at 5:00 PM on July 11 and learn! 
  4. If you do not already have a team, introduce yourself on our team formation channel in Slack! Save some time tomorrow by forming a team today. 
  5. Give a moment for our judges and sponsors for stepping up during a pandemic. Our judges/mentors/workshop teachers include those from Harvard University, Stanford University, Amazon, Wikipedia, NetApp, NETSCOUT, and FIRST, among others. They did not need to volunteer to help, but they did. 


This is going to be amazing! 

Tomorrow, over 225 fellow high school students from around the world will learn from among the best in the industry to create projects that can help solve the biggest challenges in today's society. Use our exclusive tools and codes to learn how to use new tools, and attend some of our workshops tomorrow to learn more about tech. 


See you at our opening ceremony!

Jonathan Lei

General Director, Hack3



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please make a post in our questions and answers channel in Slack.